I hope that my art will make your heart a little bit happier and your soul sing.


Just me

I'm Pam, a soul-fueled artist with a creative heart. Some of my earliest memories are of creating. I have created in many mediums, but the transformational power I have felt through painting led me to where I am today- painting with acrylics and watercolors.  Time out in nature gathering inspiration or in studio painting, makes my soul sing.  It always feels right.  You will most often find me somewhere 'between meadow & sea'. 


Along with my husband Garrett and our dog Chance, we live in Stratham, New Hampshire across from Sunset Meadows and 6 miles from the Atlantic (and where I grew up).  I can't imagine a life far from the ocean, the meadows, or in a place where I couldn't enjoy nature. I also can't imagine my life without art. I think I would wither away.



my creative journey

I grew up in Hampton, New Hampshire. Had an awesome childhood. Really.  We had a neighborhood where us kids were outside playing games until the street lights came on and we were called home. 

By the time I was ready for college, I wanted to experience life in the big city.  I found a school, the College of Mount Saint Vincent in Riverdale, New York (the last section of the Bronx).  I was a subway ride or a bus ride from Manhattan, and 2 minutes the other way, I was in the town my parents grew up in (Yonkers, NY). It made us all happy. I earned a Bachelor of Arts, and came away with a Dubliner who I've been married to for 28 years. I've owned my own business for 22+ and I have created on a daily basis,  designing and writing with a focus on helping other small businesses grow. On any given day you'd find me taking photographs, designing logos and business cards, marketing collateral and advertising, or writing press releases and garnering media coverage for my clients. What made me change direction after ao long? Being tied to the computer day in and day out was making me feel like my soul was shriveling up. Sitting for that long staring at a screen, attached to a mouse and keyboard was zapping my spirit.  A lot was happening in my life, all quite challenging.  Then I visited the Isabella Gardner Museum.  I stood agape in front of Sargent's El Jaleo. It took my breath away. I started going to the beach I grew up on as often as possible, stood in front of the ocean with hands in the air in awe of of its spectacle. Those are just some of the things that helped propel me on a new journey to pick up a brush again.  When I did, I knew in my heart and gut what changes I needed to make.  I was ready to be out in nature and creating more, with a greater emphasis on using my hands and less focus on technology. I am moving in a new direction, expressing things I see, feel and hear. Nature and art were calling to be bigger parts of my life, and I listened.

I am finding joy, gaining inspiration in nature and creating soul-fueled art.  I hope that, in-turn, my art will make your heart a little happier and your soul sing.

Currently in my studio, which is right in our cottage, I am exploring abstracts, florals, seascapes and landscapes, in acrylics and watercolor. 

I feel blessed when someone takes the time to look at my art and truly honored when they choose to hang my art in their own sacred space. It's a magical thing.

Pamela Bates-seascape.jpg

Many thanks for visiting. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my art including custom projects, commissions or collaborations.

Wishing you joy,